Mega Harbour veto denied

Contract still under study -- Mayor Sara

The contract signed between the city government of Davao and the Mega harbour Port Development Inc. for the P39-billion mega harbour port development project is still under study by two third parties, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio said in a message to the media on Monday.

Mayor Sara’s message was in reaction to the growing talks that she vetoed the ordinance giving authority to former mayor now President Rodrigo Duterte to sign the Joint Venture Agreement with the port developer for the implementation of the said project.

The JVA was signed in June last year.

“Are they talking about a veto of the ordinance for the authority to sign for Mega Harbour project? That’s an impossible action,” Mayor Sara said in the statement, adding that she was not the mayor during the project’s negotiations.

The ordinance was approved by majority of the members of the City Council last year.

The project will cover a 200-hectare span of Davao City coastline, from the Sta. Ana Port towards the Bucana area.

Mayor Duterte said she submitted the contract for due diligence review to two third parties, one from the private sector and the other to the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA).

“I just wanted the legal opinion or due diligence review to form part of the records because this is not just a thousand peso project,” she pointed out.

The mayor said the documents are still in her possession and she cannot disclose as of the moment the findings of the review.

She also asked her fellow city officials to “just do your job with our mouths closed. Talk less, do more.