Body probes 50 erring City Hall employees

At least 50 erring city hall employees are under investigation by the newly-created investigating committee.

This after Mayor Sara Duterte signed the Executive Order 06 series of 2017 reviving the investigating committee that aims to investigate complaints against government officials.

Lawyer Enrique Bonocan of the City Legal Office said that since Duterte took office as mayor of the city they have received at least 50 complaints, most of it are attendance related offenses filed by their superior.

Bonocan said that anyone can file their complaint through writing a complaint letter addressing to the office of the mayor. The investigating team will then validate the complaint and make an investigation against the erring employee.

“Anyone can just file their complaint, if they want to be anonymous we will respect, we will even provide them a lawyer,” he said.

After validating the complaint, the investigating team will classify it if it is a light, less grave or grave misconduct coming from the city hall employee. One can also be dismissed from the service if proven guilty.

Bonocan however, stressed that a complainant can only file one complaint at a time.

“We will not let a complainant file several cases at a time, he can only file one and wait until the case is finished before he can file for another one,” he said.

Bonocan also said that if the case is filed first to the investigating committee, then they will take the jurisdiction of the case.

During the term of President Rodrigo Duterte as Mayor of the city, atleast 10 erring employees were dismissed from their office after the investigating committee found them guilty of the case file against them.

Most of the dismissed employees came from the City Treasurers Office with a case of embezzlement of public funds.

It can also be remembered that when the older Duterte heard that there was a rumored corruption in the Business Bureau office here, he immediately changed all the employees from the department head to the janitor.