Paolo warns criminals using his name to stop

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte warns small time criminal who use his name and his office that the law will catch up with them soon.

This after the vice mayor received reports that some small time criminals has been using his name and asking prepaid load from their victims.

“As relayed to me by my office staff, unscrupulous individuals called up a travel agency using my name and tried to purchase several plane tickets at the same time asking prepaid load from the travel agency,” Duterte said.

“Another incident that happened victimized a 7-11 store wherein the criminals again asked for prepaid loads using my name and office again,” he added.

The Vice Mayor said that it is best that when these small time criminals try to victimize some establishment, the management should call his office first to verify it.

“I am informing the public that if anybody tries to transact business with you using my name and office, you can call my landline number 2220855 local 428 for confirmation,” he said.

Last year, several criminals has also used the name of Mayor Sara Duterte to allegedly gather money for the victims of the September 2, Roxas night market bombing.

The Mayor also denied asking moneys from several personalities for the benefits of the bombing victims.