Chinese offer 15 slots for Davao City scholars

A total of 15 selected students from Davao City are set to study in Naning, China under the Educational Exchange Program as part of the sisterhood agreement between the cities of Naning, China and Davao City.

The students will have a full scholarship in any school in Naning and they are also free to choose their courses. The Naning government will also cover the accommodation of the scholars.

Mayor Sara Duterte said that the city government will also give allowances to help the students in their study in China.

On Sunday, the Mayor of Naning, China, Zhou Hongbo, visited Davao City to discuss the scholarship grants to 15 students and also the businesses that the two cities can venture.

Mayor Duterte said that she welcomes the development as a result of the sisterhood agreement of the two cities.

“It is a welcome project between Davao City and Naning City in China, hopefully we can finish the Memorandum of Agreement by August so we can present it to them by September so by next school year we can send the scholars there,” Mayor Duterte said.

Mayor Duterte said that the scholars will undergo training in writing and speaking Mandarin since it is the native tongue of the people living in Naning.

Mayor Duterte said that the City is also looking that in the near future, the city can also sponsor a scholarship for the students of Naning.

“As of now we don’t have a specific project for scholarship grant (for Naning students), but their offer of scholarship grant is the start. This is the start of education cooperation,” she said.

On June, Naning will also have a Naning day here in the city that will showcase their culture as part of the cultural cooperation of the two cities.

Meanwhile, Naning invited Davao City to witness the 12th China International Expo on December 2018. Naning will name one of the gardens as ‘Davao City Philippines’ to showcase the tourism industry of the city.