Mobile games designed by PSHS students bared

Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus on Friday presented two games made by grade 10 students on the University Fair 2017 at SM Annex.

Those games were made during their Science Internship Program at Ingenuity Global Consulting Incorporated before moving up to grade 11. The students who participated on the Internship Program expressed their gratitude to the school and to Ingenuity.

The developers for the game called Food trip are Justin Philip S. Tuazon in charge of the coding and back-end game play, Kyle Nathan Naranjo responsible for the design asset, animation and the trailer of the game, Uriel Negrido is responsible for the poster, User Interface (UI) programming and User interface design assets and Liezell May Wong in charge of the design aspect of the characters and the audio of the game.

“Food trip is a multi-arcade game designed and built in for android devices. The back end of the game was made using Unity version 5.6.1 f1 which is software for developing games. Additionally the scripts and codes for the game are made using c-sharp as the programming language and also all the design assets the characters, sceneries the sprites are made using the Adobe illustrator CC version 2014- 2015.” Tuazon said.

“Our game took around 80 hours to finish version one and took an additional 60 hours to finish version two which is our final version.” Naranjo said.

Melon Defenders is a minimal, casual arcade game made by project Dawn whose members are Odin jean Pierre Gerke lead designer and in charge in providing all the asset that were integrated in the game, Charles Jared Cañolasas handled the spawning algorithm for the enemy objects and integration of the particle effects and he is also added the power up, Berjhan Rose Alpeche responsible for the motion and logic of the enemy objects, Jeano Miguel Duhaylungsod  managed the UI of the game and he created the logic for the players object and Kristoff Johann Naranjo created the logic for the shield and it’s pivot motion. The game took 80 hours to finish and additional 6 hours for minor improvements.

“The target audience of our game is all ages.” Gerke said.   “In the drafting process, we took inspiration from Toby fox’s Undertale. The core game mirrors Undyne’s Boss battle with couple of tweaks and innovation we made the game our own.” Gerke added.

“As the lead designer of our team, I could say that I had experience. The team took three day crash course into all the basic of the game development which I must admit was a little overwhelming. But the game was relatively fun to make since everyone had a task that was essential on the overall completion of the game. In all honesty, it’s thanks to the team that we were able to actually enjoy and finish the game. “ Said Gerke. The team has yet to decide whether they will upload the game in the app store and Google play.

“What inspired us was that my group mates and I wanted to come up with an excellent output. On a personal level, what inspired me was the feeling of fulfillment I get every time I successfully code a part of the game.” Tuazon said. “Collectively, the process of making the game was physically and mentally exhausting. For me, I had mixed feelings during the time I coded and worked on the game. I enjoyed making the game and the codes. I also felt happy every time I finish a part of the game. However, it was also stressful for me because sometimes I get stuck on a part. Usually, I get tired from coding too long and sometimes I had a little sleep because of working on it.” He added. The game is not yet available in app stores and Google play but the developers are considering it. “We would make it available if we are given the opportunity to do so as it takes certain process before a game can be uploaded to the stores.” Tuazon said.