TFD helps evacuees in ‘KALIPAYapaan’

Despite being known for their strong and tough image, men of Task Force Davao have hearts; they are tough only the outside but soft in the inside.

Like men and women in various civic organizations who are busy in conducting charitable services to evacuees from Marawi City, the Task Force Davao also got their hands full in assisting displaced children and women while ensuring the safety and security of the “KALIPAYapaan” event at the Almendras Gym on Thursday.

Col. Erwin Neri, Task Force Davao commander, said that witnessing first-hand the struggle of the Marawi evacuees has ignited the military to actively participate in organizing the event.

Neri said that with their concern for Muslim brothers and sisters, they too are after the security of the entirety of Mindanao, making sure that none of the members of the terrorist groups from Marawi, slip through their thorough identity scanning, most especially in big events in the city.

Neri pointed out that Davao City is now considered as an alternate seat of the Duterte government, all the more reasons to maintain the heightened alert in the city.

As commander of the Task Force, Neri added that along with his men, they are all willing to assist and volunteer in events dedicated to ensuring the welfare of the people. (Paula Kim Feliciano)