Kadayawan draws biggest security forces in Davao

This year’s Kadayawan festival drew the biggest number of security officers deployed and recorded in the city’s history.

“As far as security forces and safety agencies are concerned, there are a total about of 17,000 deployed during this Kadayawan week,” said Col. Erwin Bernard Neri Task Force Davao Commander on AFP-PNP Media Briefing August 23, Wednesday.

The number of personnel and the security plan was modern by standards. But to secure the public and to further enhance the security of the event, Neri has requested a number of modern facilities such as x-ray machines, walk through machines and scanners from the city government which is now on the procurement process.

He said there was no major incident recorded on the aspect of terrorism during the Kadayawan Festival.

There is also a minimal amount of criminality during the celebration. For petty crimes, there were only two pick-pocket thieves who were apprehended during indak-indak and concert at the San Pedro square.

This is the only case that happened during the entire week of celebration. “ Hindi natin masasabi na kahit marami yung police na nag secure, Yung kawatan mag take advantage rin yan lalo na pag volume at shoulder to shoulder ang mga tao pag may opportunity titira talaga yan,” said Teressita Gaspan SPOX DCPO .The good leadership of our Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio greatly helped in the success of the celebration. “Through-out the week she has been constantly reminding us to be always on our pose, she provided guidance, motivation and logistical support on the front of the security forces involved in the Kadayawan events” said Neri. Gaspan also said that the modern and standard security preparation is one of the attributes that made the effective and successful security coverage during the Kadayawan festival

He also mentioned that the cooperation and support of the public is a big factor in enabled them to do the security measures that they planned. The challenging days of the implementation of the security plan was on Aug 18- 20 because there is an average of 8,000-10,00 people in the San Pedro Square and 3,000-4,000 people at Magsaysay park.