Limited Data

The Philippine Statistics Authority has been challenged to more provide more sophisticated sufficient data that will be used as baseline for the government’s Ambisyon 2040.

National Economic and Development Authority Under Secretary Rosemarie G. Edillon, hurled the challenge on October 6 to the PSA during the opening ceremony of the 28th National Statistics Month at the Pinnacle Hotel.

Edillon said the government still do not have the statistics to support its baseline needs.

“Our data shows that 21.1 percent are still poor and 8.9 percent if I’m not mistaken belongs to the hungry but we do not have data in other indicators,” said Edillon.

The National Statistics Month is celebrated on the month of October to raise awareness the statistics. “We need statistics to be able to come up with policies, programs and project and we are all part of the statistics community so data producers, data sources and as data users.

The statistics month is celebrated in all state college and universities to generate the awareness and appreciation,” she added.

She said statistics show that only 40 percent of adults have savings account as urged students and young adults to open savings account for their future.

“There are variety of reasons, yung iba tinatawag naming unbanked (some we call them unbanked) so meaning in their locality walang malapit na bank ( there is no accessible bank) which in that case it will be difficult for them to access the financial institutions. Yung iba walang iipunin just like those who are very poor walang silang iipunin (Some doesn’t have anything to save),” she said

She said that in case of the Muslim communities, one problem has been lack of access to Islamic banks. “Kasi for those  who are really serious in practicing their religion they will not bank with non-Islamic banks,” said Edillon.

Ambisyon 2040  has envisioned a Philippines that is prosperous, predominantly middle-class society and where no one is poor by 2040.

“Our peoples will live long and healthy lives, be smart and innovative and live in a high-trust society,” she said.

She said Filipinos were able to provide three important pillars on what they want based on a survey that focused on the following questions: What do you want to be? What do you want to have?; And what do you want to do 25 years from now..

The results shows the need for a strongly-bonded relationships or MATATAG. “Filipinos want their family is together. Being able to visit their folks is what the Filipinos wanted. They also wanted to have a balanced work and life lifestyle for them to have time for their family and friends,”

Second, Filipinos also wanted to have a comfortable life or Maginhawa. Not all Filipinos wanted to be rich, some only wanted to be free from hunger and poverty, have their own comfortable house with secure long term tenure, good transportation and be able to travel and have vacations.

Third, Filipinos also wanted a secure future or Panatag. They wanted to have enough resources for day to day needs and unexpected ex expenses, peace and security, long and happy life and comfortable retirement.

Since the launching  of Ambisyon 2040 on October 2016, they have been disseminating information in order to let people know that the government has a plan for the country and the people to do their part as well.

She said the drive to sustain the Ambisyon 2040 must come from the youth. “ Kami we will try our very best kaya we really do the massive roll out (of the Ambisyon)  para mag karoon siya ng wide support especially among the youth kasi sila ang pag –asa natin,” said Edillon.