NTC to go after unlicensed radio equipment

Starting this October, the National Telecommunications Commission in Region XI will be conducting a series of inspection operation against establishments that are selling unlicensed communication equipment.

The campaign will include unlicensed dealers of cellphones in the whole region. All establishments will be inspected including their warehouses.

“We will come to you whether or not you are registered or unregistered,” said NTC regional director Nelson Cañete during the AFP-PNP Corps Southern Mindanao press conference on October 11, Wednesday at the Royal Mandaya Hotel.

Canete acknowledged the proliferation of non-NTC approved cellphones that are much cheaper compared to the approved units.

He said the NTC is coordinating with local government units, the Philippine National Police and other proper government agencies to make the inspection possible.

He said the NTC will also confiscate the non-NTC approved cellphones during the operation. “If you are selling cellphones and you are not an authorized dealer, your products will be confiscated,” he said.

He said authorized dealers selling unauthorized cellphones will not be exempted from the drive.

The confiscated items will be donated to establishments who will benefit the most.

“Before they donated the confiscated items to TESDA to use it for further studies and now if the items will be hand held radio then we will donate it to the police or to disaster prevention and we will make sure that the items are NTC approve,” said Cañete.

He said the non-NTC approved items will be disposed of by crushing machines to ensure these will not be used any more. Illegal dealers will be penalized to include possible imprisonment.

The NTC official encouraged the dealers to secure dealer’s permits.

But once they are registered, they will not be allowed to sell non-NTC approved cheap phones from China.

Canete advised the public to only items approved by the NTC.

At the same time, he said NTC has reached its target revenue of P45 million arising from the collection of license and registration fees as of September 30.

“We have reached al our target except the legal sector,” said Cañete, adding that this year the NTC has provided permits and licenses to 17,000 people more than the 10,000 it has earlier targeted.

Through the inspection operations the NTC hope to reach the 144 cases quota for this year. As of the moment they were able to reach 82 cases.