Mayor Sara lauded for supporting STL

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office has given the P 251,122.92 check representing three percent share of Davao City from the total revenue of the Authorized Agent Corporation amounting to eight million pesos for the month of September.

“Ang PMRR (Presumptive Monthly Retail Receipts) ng Davao City it is 8 million so three percent ng P8 million is P 240,000 however kaya 251,122.92 kasi ang gi-turn in nila is 8,304,000,” said Jose Jorge E. Corpuz, PCSO chairman during the Sama-samang Talakayan at Linawan (STL) PCSO – Editoryal at Royal Mandaya Hotel  on October 19, Thursday.

The Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations for the Small Town Lotterry Operations of the Philippine Sweepstakes Office states in article ten section 39 that the city of municipality shall receive three percent from charity fund from the gross receipts of STL.

The forum is PCSO’s way of expressing their gratitude to the people and to inform the public that they are willing to help them all the people have to do is ask.

“Ang punto natin ngayon is to inform all people that PCSO is there, we are coordinated with the Department of Health, we are coordinated with the Philhealth,” said Corpuz.

On behalf of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, who was not able to attend the said event, Atty. Lawrence Batinding Assistant City Administrator received the check and delivered the mayor’s message.

“On behalf the City Government of Davao, I would like to thank the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office for its generous donation to the city in the form of the local government’s share of the Small Town Lottery Operations in the city. Initiatives that curb illegal gambling and increased the PCSO’s revenue redound to more medical assistance to be extended to more Filipinos all over the country and this amount will go a long way towards to helping ensure the Davaoeños especially those who are living away from the city centre receive the quality service so daghang salamat sa PCSO sa atong nadawat nga tabang gikan sa atong share sa STL Loterry,”

Corpuz said that he wants Davao City to be a show window to other provinces in the country. “What Mayora did here in Davao must be copied in other provinces                  in other cities, there are some charterd cities that oppose STL unlike Mayor Sara who supported STL, nilabanan niya ang illegal gambling she directed the City Police Director kaya bumulusok ang PMRR,” he said.

“This is very decisive, supported the local leadership, support the LGU supported STL boom agad. It’s a program of the government. I am very happy that is why we are here in Davao we want Davao to be the show window in other provinces.” He added.

The PCSO also plans to put up more At Source Ang Processing (ASAP) desk in private hospitals.

“ We want to close the year with 86 ASAP hospital ngayon there are about 46 operating and we want to close it with anbother 40. The more ASAP hospitals, the more beneficiaries the more we know where the money goes,” said Corpuz.

There are six draws in Davao city which starts in ten in the morning, 11 am, three in the afternoon, four in the afternoon until eight and nine in the evening this is just to meet the PMRR.

“The AAC if you read the IRR they have the freedom, they have the discretion to execute para ma meet nila (ang kanilang PMRR), You are now the legal authority in this area, you control that area, you fight all the illgal, you coordinate with the branch managers and you meet the PMRR,” said Corpuz.