Secuya launches 138-page art book

Victor Secuya, a famous Davao visual artist launched the fourth edition of his book entitled Art Insight ‘60 essays on art and life’in Davao City.

Secuya says the book is more on essay and art in life incorporated with thoughts when he was teaching philosophy in Ateneo. He focuses on art integrating his artistic knowledge.

The 138-page book consists of 60 essays on art and life.

“Topic are more focus on experience, its more about at and little values in life, selection of essays  is more on art insight, which I found it fulfilling“ he  told the Habi at Kape press conference at the Abreeza on Wednesday.

“The birthing of these essays in this book came from short stints in various places. There were thoughts that came rushing to my minds, especially when the urge to write goes into overdrive and gets out of control,” Secuya said.

Poet, a writer, a sculptor and most of all a visual artist Victor Secuya expressed that the book is more on his opinions and a conversations about ideas and thoughts.

He was inspired to write this book when he reached 60 years old and made up a decision to make it into 60 essays focusing on writing only about arts.

“Millennial today are more on arts but they are not into it,” he said.

He wanted to connect with the generation today hoping to teach them a thing or two when his gone and leave behind many ideas and opinions with the same intention of his book

He said he thought writing essay will take him only four to five months but it took him a year to finish his book.

“I wanted to create something new, something comes from the heart if you do that commercialization I don’t know if some are happy because they have money but it is a matter of value of choice,” he said.

“I don’t think anymore of commercialization, I wanted to write that comes from the heart,” he added.

The book is published by Image World Digital Printing Inc. He said that he will distribute his books in a creative way by the usual way of distribution.