AKF to host fund raising conference

The Davao City-based AnakKaugmaon Foundation Inc.—a Securities and Exchange Commission-registered non-stock and non-profit foundation—will spearhead a fund raising smart and good children international conference slated on November 30 at the SMX Convention Center in Davao City.

The Southern Philippines Medical Center, which initiated the organization of the foundation said the conference is entitled: (#YOUTHCONNECT: Raising smart and good children (How to help young people succeed in life in the All-about-Me world).

The forum will bring together physicians, nurses, health care providers, parents, educators, and health care providers to discuss concerns confronting the youth today.

It will also launch a fund-raising for indigent children who need medical support.

Dr. Aileen Elorde, head of SPMC’s Section of Allergology and Immunology , explained on Monday at the Kapehan sa Davao that they regularly conduct various fund raising activities because to sustain the needs of indigent children or patient.

“We cannot afford to let our financial resources depleted so we have to come up with very good and timely projects because they know that the current generation now engaged in social media both with positive and negative effects,” she said. “The forum aims to examine the different issues that help shape the social interests of today’s youth.”

“This conference endeavors to determine how to help young people succeed in life.Hopefully in the conference will teach empathy not all about me but also for others,” Elorde said.

“For the fun raising as many as we can accommodate it depend on the financial resources that we can come up with, we don’t discriminate, so as long as, this patience needs medical assistance we gladly accommodate them,” Elorde said.

Dr. HasminaChio chief resident of SMPC Pediatrics Department said, their patient not only come from Davao City but in all part in the Mindanao and they are looking forward to hearing recommendations coming from the different sectors that can help parents, teachers and clinicians better address issues confronting the youth sector.

Chio added that they invited Dr. Michele Borba from USA, world-renowned author, speaker, educational consultant & trainer, offers the best and most effective tips on How to Help Young People Succeed in Life in the All-About-Me World!

The Anak Kaugmaon foundation, Inc. hope that parents, community leaders, educators and health providers can join to this noble endeavor of trying to bring to the fore issue that affects the very core of society-kids with their families.

Tickets are sold at P1000 each. Attendees will be granted Professional Regulation Commission CDP units in addition to units granted by Philippine Pediatric Society, Philippine Medical Association and Philippine Academy of Family Physicians.