DCPO says ‘killers’ of cop identified

The Davao City Police Office already identified persons of interest in the murder of PO3 Wilfredo Garol at Sitio Luman, Barangay New Valencia Tugbok District, Monday morning.

DCPO spokesperson Sr. Insp. Maria Teresita Gazpan said they were able to come up with names of possible suspects in the follow up investigation.

“Accordingly, these people were seen by some witnesses in the area, but, we cannot implicate them yet in the case,” she said. “We cannot disclose the names yet considering that the investigation is still ongoing,” Gazpan said.

She said that based on the investigation these people are allegedly members of the New People’s Army. “Thorough investigation continues until we can identify the perpetrators of the murder of PO3 Garol,” she said.

Prior to the incident, Garol was advised by relatives to refrain from transporting his wife to Luman Elementary School because the area has been identified as NPA-infested.

She said Garol had been conveying his wife to the school for the past 12 years.

Meanwhile, Gazpan bared that body of Garol sustained eight gunshot wounds, as indicated by the results of the autopsy conducted on his body.

“This includes his wound in the palm which is a manifestation surrendered or appealed to the gunmen not to be killed,” she said.

At 7:45a.m. of November 13, Garol drove his wife to the school and he was about to return home, two unidentified men requested to board his motorcycle.

The perpetrators stole the motorcycle and service firearm of the victim, Gazpan said.