Lack of men bars NTC from performing tasks

The National Telecommunications Commissions in the region has the resolve but lacks enough personnel to implement its functions.

“As a result, we find it difficult to conduct operations much we would like to because we are greatly undermanned, “bewailed NTC regional director Nelson Canete.

The NTC in the region has a total of 18 personnel.

“Nalipay gihapon ko kay ang among empleyado diri sa Davao 18, total na siya apil na ang admin, driver ug janitor,” he said.

In contrast, he said Caraga region has 15 while Region 12 had only 16.

He said that they could do more if they have enough personnel because they are serving the entire region.

He used the Land Transportation Office for example has been able to perform its mandate more effectively because it has  employees and maintains extension offices.

He said that this is a national problem because the entire NTC only has 500 employees, 300 of whom are assigned in the central office and the remaining 200 are spread out throughout the county.

“We need more people, the more people, the more operations will be conducted,” said Cañete.

He said that there might be a problem with the National Telecommunication Commission.

“Unta ma check pud ni sa commission kay kung hangyo lang? Dugay ra napuno sa hangyo  gikan sa mga regional offices na kulang jud ug tao,” said Cañete.

He fears that time will come they could no longer function due to the lack of personnel.  To address this issue, he plans to request from the city mayor 15 job order personnel to help them perform their mandate.

“Dili mi gusto nga mabiktima ni atong mga consumer, kay  mamalit jud biya na sila ug pang regalo dalahun nila sa probinsya,naa’y mga cellphone nga good for pila ka days lang unya pag charge maka cause sunog,” he added.

He said that they are mandated to protect the consumer from buying non-NTC approved telecommunication device.