HIGH RISK: SC asked to transfer 89 ‘dangerous’ detainees from Davao jail

The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology in the Davao Region (BJMP 11) is still pushing for the immediate transfer of suspected terrorists and other high risk detainees from the Davao City Jail to the Taguig City Jail at Camp Bagong Diwa .

BJMP 11 spokesperson Jail Insp. Edo Lobenia said despite the constant followup of the bureau’s legal division for the Supreme Court to immediately order the transfer of 89 high risk inmates to the Special Intensive Care Area (SICA) in Taguig City Jail, no decision has been made by the highest tribunal on the bureau’s urgent request as of yet.

“We believe that the Supreme Court has so many activities that it has not acted on the request although we do not think that the Supreme Court has overlooked our request,” Lobenia said.

Of the total high risk inmates, 47 are members of the New People’s Army (NPA), 25 are members of organized crime groups, seven are members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), another seven are members of the Marawi City-based Maute terror group, five from kidnap for ransom gang, three from Abu Sayyaf, one political prisoner and one gun-for- hire suspect.

In spite of the delay, Lobenia said the BJMP 11 is still hopeful that the Supreme Court will at last approve their request this month.

“Our legal department lawyers usually make a monthly followup of our request with the Supreme Court, “ he said.

“Your BJMP is doing its best to transfer them to our SICA facility in Taguig,” Lobenia said, adding that one of the reasons of the delay is the opposition of the lawyers of the detainees against the move to transfer their clients to Taguig City.

These inmates who are considered “big fish” don’t want to be transferred for obvious reasons, the BJMP official said.

On the other hand, BJMP authorities want the transfer to happen quickly in order to preclude the possibility of their armed comrades of these detainees from attempting to “rescue” the detainees from the jail.

For the meantime,, the court hearings on the cases involving the maximum security detainees inside the city jail facility will continue, instead of the hearing conducted in the Halls of Justice near Ecoland to minimize threats of their comrades attempting to free the