LIMITED RICE: To reduce waste of rice, says Councilor Abella

Consumers in Davao City will soon have a choice of determining their rice consumption in restaurants and in big fast-food chains.

Like it or not, a proposed ordinance requiring all establishments to serve half-rice to their customers will take only the signature of Mayor Sara Z. Duterte before it becomes final and executory. This is after the city council on Tuesday, approved the proposed Davao City Rice Conservation Ordinance on its third and final reading.

This ordinance would require all business establishments involved in serving food to include half-cup of rice in their menus with price set also at half from its one cup order.

City council’s committee on agriculture chair Marissa Salvador-Abella, proponent of the ordinance, said the main goal of this is to reduce the waste of rice in the city since there are people who can hardly consume a cup of rice.

“Kanang parehas sa mga diabetic og mga senior citizens nga dili gani maka-consume og one cup (There are people just like those who have diabetes and senior citizens who cannot even consume a cup of rice),” she said.

The lady councilor said that usually some restaurants are not offering half cup rice order so people have no choice but to order a cup of rice.

“Let us say sa mga edaran nga kanang dili ka consume, ang ma consume niya is ang half lang man, so, meaning katong nabilin waste na siya (Let us say, our elderly people who cannot consume a cup of rice and can only eat half of it, this means that the remaining rice will become waste),” she said.

She said the stakeholders even the big fast-food chains in the country did not express their opposition to this proposal during the three committee hearing she conducted prior to the approval.

“The last meeting was well attended which the big fast-food chains in the country were present so, there are now aware of this ordinance,” she said. Salvador-Abella said the ordinance is set to be transmitted to the Office of the City Mayor for approval which will take at least three months.

She said as soon as the mayor will approve it, there will be inspection on all establishements that serve meals to monitor whether they offer half cup rice order or not. Salvador-Abella said the inspection team will be led by City Health Office and City Agriculturist’s Office.

Under the ordianance, establishments who will violate this will slapped P1,500 for the first offense, P3,000 and a month suspension of business permit on the second office and third offense will be P5,000 and ‘permanent cancellation of business permit.’