2M tourists visit Davao 13% hike experienced

The Davao City Tourism Operations Office reported a total of 2,009,879 of domestic and foreign tourists arrivals  between January to December last year, a hike of 13 percent as compared to 1, 864, 343 in 2016—surpassing the local government’s target of two million arrivals.

The City Information Office said records at the Davao City Tourism Operations Office showed that a total of domestic tourists 1,835,798 arriving in the city had increased to 14 percent compared to the 2016 record of 1,716,224.

The same records showed that foreign tourist arrival data also showed a slight increase last year with 126,209 compared to the 2016 record of 124,863, while overseas Filipinos or “Balikbayan” also went up to 47,872 compared to the 2016 figure of 23,256.

According to the Department of Tourism-Davao data, The top 10 2017 foreign markets: USA, 20,779; Japan, 12,510; China, 9,231; Korea,7,550; Australia, 5,929; India, 4,976; Singapore, 4,040; Canada, 4,016; UK, 3,282; Saudi Arabia, 2,371.

The biggest increase of tourist arrivals for 2017 was noted in August 2017 during the Kadayawan Festival at 185,660 compared to the August 2016 tourist arrivals of 171,851.

Generose Tecson, chief of the Tourism Operations Office, credited the increase in tourist arrivals to the strong partnership between the local government and the private and public sectors.

“With the support of Mayor Sara, both the private and public sectors of Davao City have rallied to work together and achieved the breaking of the two million mark in visitor arrivals in Davao City,” she said.

She also underscored the role of the security forces and the city government’s private industry partners in making Davao City attractive to tourists and aiming for a 7 percent increase this 2018

“What makes this doubly special is the fact that the city is still under Martial Law. Life is indeed here in Davao,” Tecson said.