Sustained cop operations illegal drugs expected

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in the region is now expecting more anti-illegal drug operations after the war against illegal drugs by the Philippine National Police.

PDEA 11 regional director Antonio Rivera said with the return of the anti-illegal drugs, the PDEA can now concentrate on high-value targets and high impact operations.

The police will assume the lead role in curbing illegal drugs off the streets.

“Pag-apil nilag usab sa operation sa illegal drugs nakita nato nga paspas ang dakop (When the join again to the anti-illegal drugs operation, we see the the arrest of drug suspects is really fast),” he said.

Rivera said, in Davao City, after the resumption of the campaign started over the weekend, many drug suspects were arrested.

He said the operations which were conducted by the police stations were undergone proper coordination with their office. “We are very thankful that the campaign returned to PNP because they are really big help to us in cleansing our streets against illegal drugs,” he said.

Rivera said he noticed that the illegal drug activities came back when the campaign was removed by President Rodrigo R. Duterte to the police due to some controversies. He said these illegal drugs operators were probably aware that  PDEA has lack of manpower which could be the reason of the return of illegal activity.

“We are only allowed on the street level target in which the coordination can be made after or during the operation,”DCPO spokesperson Sr. Insp. Maria Teresita Gazpan said. However, on the High Value Targerts and High Impact Operations, Gazpan said this should be a joint operation of the police and PDEA. She said even the case build-up, it is a requirement that the PDEA will join the operations.

Gazpan said the DCPO has recorded 10 anti-illegal drugs operation conducted by its different police stations. She said members of Talomo Police Station Drug Enforcement Unit have neutralized a High Value Target drug suspect on January 13 after he attempted to open fire at police operatives..

Gazpan said the suspect identified as John Renner de Jesus was considered as High Value Target since the police seized from a kilo of marijuana in his possession.