Over 6,000 Davao kids given measles vaccine

More than 6,000 children were given measles vaccine in Davao City after cases of the deadly but preventable disease were reported among workers of  two call center companies last week.

Dr. Josephine Villafuerte, head of the Davao City Health Office, said that after the reported cases of measles among call center workers, an outbreak response immunization (ORI) was immediately conducted in various barangays in the city.

She said they were concerned that the cases of measles among call center workers will lead into an outbreak and will affect children. At least 16 call center workers were found positive of the measles virus last week. They were told not to report to office to avoid the spread of the virus.

In just a  span of two days, the CHO was able to immunize 6,000 children.

“We decided to immediately conduct the ORI because children are the most vulnerable ones in times of measles outbreak. We intend to cover the entire city to ensure that the children are safe and protected,” she said.

A single case of measles can potentially lead into an outbreak given the highly-infectious nature of the virus, Villafuerte said.

A total of 222 cases of measles had been recorded by the CHO since November 2017 until January 12 of this year. 154 of which came from November to December while 68 was recorded in January alone. (CIO)