Davao City 75% set for DAVRAA

Preparations for the Davao Regional Athletic Association meet 2018 is 75 percent complete with Davao City as host for the third time. . The DAVRAA meet 2017 will be held on February 17- 23, 2017. The opening ceremony will be held on February 18, Sunday at the University of Mindanao Matina Branch.

“We are on the implementation stage and by percentage we will be having 19 playing venues and we are now on 75 percent ready for the competitions,” said Principal Bernabe “Bobby” Alicaya, Diviswion Sport Director during the iSpeak press conference on January 18, Thursday.

Alicaya said that the delivery of the set of equipment to be used in all sport events, the remaining 25 percent is what they are trying to address. Some of the equipment is from other country that is why it takes time.

He said that the different city government departments such as the office of the city mayor, the city engineer’s office, the general service office (GSO) and other departments are in close coordination in order to ensure that they meet the deadline by the end of the month.

“Today, we are on the implementing this phase. Having coordination with some other institution, the private institution who are also working with us making sure that Davao city will be glorified after the DAVRAA meet,” he said.

The prudent number of official delegation for the DAVRAA is approximately 7500 who will participate however they are expecting around 8,000 delegates to come. He said there will be 12 billeting quarters to include technical officials, which will be housed at City High National High school 674 technical officials.

“As to preparation we have a lot of malls, hotels, we have a lot of playing venues from the private sectors and the city government is doing everything that they can extend to the Department of Education just to make sure that the accommodation is precisely appropriate and correct,” he said.

There will be 29 sports to compete in and there will be Demo Sports such as Pinka Chillal which is a combat contact event, Aero Gymnastic, Boxing for elementary, Dance sports which will be incorporated to the Palarong pambansa.

“ Demonstration sport is not mandatory to all division because this ii s just a demo sport and precisely considered part of the games two years after it will be validated to be safe among the students who will playing with it,” he said.

A total of seven units will participating in the Davao City Athletic Meet and the winners will be the representative of the DAVRAA meet, this includes the Davao association of catholic schools (DACS) and Davao association of private schools & administrators School(DAPRISA).

He said that the University of Mindanao (UM) is in full support, UM will be the venue for the opening ceremony of DVRAA, UM will also allow the participants to use in the sports facilities for free in the duration of the DAVRAA.

“The opening program will be held there, the Track and Field, Sepak Tak-raw and some other events the commodity with of the facilities will be for free and that is in close coordination with the city government, Department of Education office of the Schools Division Superintendent and somoe other departments in the city of Davao,” he said.