IPs to wage pangayaw vs. NPAs, supporters

Aggrieved tribal communities in tribes in Talaingod, Davao del Norte are poised to wage armed hostilities (pangayaw)  against the  CPP-NPAs and their tribal supporters any moment now.

Datu Lumansad B. Sibogan told the AFP-PNP Press Corps Southern Mindanao Press Briefing on Wednesday that the pangayaw has the blessing of the council of elders.

Following tradition, the tribal warriors will use bows and arrows and bladed weapons.

The activity is beyond control of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples  but the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the  Philippine National Police assured the public that they will implement their mandate of protecting the people.

“We will target those who do not belong inside our territory, even our relatives who joined the CPP- NPA,” said Sibogan.

He said that the 30 tribal leaders already agreed to conduct the  Pangayaw to remove those who do not belong in their territory.

He said they will prioritize a group of 30 Ata-Manobos who joined the  CPP-NPA.

“Those who will die  belong to the e CPP-NPA,” he said.

“The NCIP, AFP AND PNP cannot stop us from conducting pangayaw because it is in our culture. Pangayaw is self-governance this is our own law our own policy in our territory,” he added.

He said they will only use spears, bladed weapon called tampilan and arrows as their weapons on the conduct of pangayaw. He said he does not fear of dying because he will die on their territory.

“We will not use guns because we are not authorized to use it and because it is not ours. Only the police and soldiers are authorized to use them,” he said.