More streetlights sought in Davao

Councilor Conrado C. Baluran has called on the Department of Public Works and Highways and the Davao Light and Power Company to fast-track the installation of the streetlights to ensure the safety and welfare of city residents.

In a privilege speech during the Council’s regular session on Tuesday, Baluran said that for almost two months now, there are still no streetlights being installed along the7.5 kilometers mini-diversion road traversing Bangkal to CatalunanPequeño leading to Puan and Calinan.

“This is detrimental to lives and limbs to both pedestrians and motorists who are driving during night time,” he said.

According to Baluran, studies show that darkness results in a large number of vehicular crashes.

Baluran said that the installation of street lights will be a great measure to prevent accidents from occurring.

“As an individual and as a government entity, we should be more of a precautionary than be of reactionary,” he added.

Baluran asked for an urgent resolution and subjected to a committee hearing.