DOT unveils new tourism come-ons

The Department of Tourism Region XI is promoting farm and faith-based tourism program in a bid to entice sector-specific foreign and domestic tourists.

Tourism Assistant Secretary Eden Josephine David said that farm tourism is not only about the farm produce but more importantly about the experience in the farm.

“Farm tourism aimed to showcase the best crops of the country, while faith-based tourism planned to attract visitors interested in the Philippines’ religious diversity,” she said.

David said that the practice of attracting visitors and tourist to farm areas serves educational and recreational purposes.

“The initial farm tour projects for Davao City fruits, focusing on durian, pomelo, banana and cacao with the support to local tourism and business groups.

She added that through this tours program, which is being spearheaded by DOT’s Farm Tourism Sector, they are also helping the cacao farmers.

“One of the packages unveiled was the “City Chocolate Tour Overload” developed by Cacao Industry Development Association in Mindanao Inc. and Visit Davao Consortium, t an educational tour that highlights the transformation of the cacao fruit into a chocolate,“ she said.

Davaid said that DOT will focus on developing faith tours for Muslims, non-Catholic Christians and even indigenous faiths where faith tourism programs sought to develop the Philippine tourism product “from the pilgrim’s eye.”