DOWNSPIN: Crimes in Davao reduced due to sustained security measures

Criminal activities continue to dip in the face of sustained operations resulting in a very peaceful city, according to the Davao City Police Office.

“It is now in fact very safe in Davao City,” DCPO spokesperson P/S Inspector Maria Terisita Gaspan told the AFP-PNP Southern Mindanao Press Corps on Tuesday.

DCPO in 2016 recorded 10, 269 crime incidents in the entire city which went down to 7,576 crime incidents in 2017, a downgrade of 2,693 or 26.22percent.

As for crime against persons and crime against property in year 2016, DCPO recorded 2, 617 crimes. This went down to 1,588 to 2017 or a variance of 39.31 percent.

Gaspan said that this reduction of crime volume for the past two years is a result of major anti-criminality operations, maximum deployment of personnel in all areas,and mobilization of barangay tanods to help the police officers secure the city.

“So we are sure that Davao City is safe and secure most especially with the numbers of police officers although we only have 1850 police personnel in Davao City but the presence of the 910 police auxiliary that is aiding our police is a big help also the Task Force Davao and other security forces and other operating units that helps maintain the peace and order in Davao City,” she said.

She said that a place will be considered as a very dangerous place when the number of focus crime like crime against property and crime against person. She said that the Davao City’s crime statistics is manageable as what the data shows.

“In 2016 compared to 2017 our crime statistics for crime against persons like murder, physical injury and rape is reduced,” she said.

Based on the data in 2016 there were 162 murder cases recorded which was reduced to 122 in 2017. In 2016 there were 527 cases of physical injury which was reduced to 380 cases in 2017 and 229 cases of rape were recorded in 2016 which was reduced to 215 cases in 2017.

“This can be attributed to the intensified security measures conducted by the police like the conduct of check point and oplan bulabog which is a great help as well in reducing crime by monitoring the activity of people here in the city and especially those transient residents because they might create a hideout and conduct illegal activities,” she said.

She said that major anti-criminality operations has served a number of warrant of arrest and the return of campaign of illegal drugs to the Philippine National Police (PNP) and other undertakings f the DCPO.

This also includes the Sagod Kabataan which lessens the riots in the city streets. She said that DCPO’s advocacy in the increasing g the awareness of the public regarding the law and ordinances in the city.

“This could not be made possible without the full support of the government in terms of our logistics and other aspects that made our undertaking easier especially the safety and security concerns and the cooperation of the public,” she said.