UNNECESSARY – Say Dabawenyos on Pulong’s resignation

Despite his sudden resignation as vice mayor of Davao City, Paolo Z. Duterte remains to be a politician to reckon with as his political capital is still very high.

Majority of Dabawenyos believed that the resignation of Paolo or “Pulong” from the position last December 25, 2017 was very unnecessary.

This is bared in a survey conducted by the University of Mindanao-based Institute of Popular Opinion (IPO) that measured the sentiments of the public on his resignation, with 651 or 54 percent of a total of 1,200 respondents saying it was not necessary.   The survey covered a total of 1,200 respondents across the three congressional districts. It was conducted on January 31 to February 8, one month after his resignation.

“The results said 54 of every 100 Dabawenyo saw his resignation as unnecessary and that he should have stayed and held the line,” said Dr. Adrian Tamayo, director of the IPO during the Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM Annex yesterday, February 26.

Tamayo said the survey was meant to measure the public’s sentiments on Duterte’s sudden decision.

“He is the second strongest person in Davao City and he is elected also by the public. By that measure he is also accountable so we wanted to measure the sentiments of the public on the resignation as well as determine the sentiments of the people on it’s impact on the functions of the city council,” Tamayo said.

Reacting to the survey, Duterte released a statement saying he was grateful for the continued support and trust to him as a leader of the city.

“It was my honor to have served you, and I will always be honored to continue serving you in the best possible way — even if I am out of politics,” he said.

He apologized once again to the public and seeks for more understanding on the decision that he made. He said that it was not easy for him to do and that the public already know the reason and his situation that lead to his decision.

“I truly value your unwavering support and trust. While I am humbled by this, it gives me the courage and the inspiration to work and support the objectives, plans, and programs of both our local government and national government as a private individual,” the eldest child of President Duterte said.

Based on the survey 405 or 34 percent supports the decision of the previous vice mayor, while 144 or 12 percent are hesitant to give opinion.

“Fifty-seven percent of the 54 Dabawenyos are found in District One, a quarter of them are found in District Two and a little, around eight to 10 percent, are found in District Three,” he said.

The younger Duterte appeals more to males (50%) than the combined females (42%) and the LGBT (8%). He maintained a strong following among those aged 30 to 39 years, and a good number of them (42%) belong to income Class C. Very minimal come from income Class AB (5%) and Class E (8%), and earned college education (64%).

A total of 696 or 58 percent of the Davawenyos still trust Duterte as their leader; 58 in every 100 maintain sustained confidence while the remaining 42% lost their confidence. Therefore, Paolo Duterte maintains a net political capital of 38%. This is a political capital he maintains even he is already out of public sight. However, this may slip through his fingers if left uncared of.

“Together, let us help our government face and overcome these challenges as one, united people and country,” Duterte said.

Meanwhile, the public has seen the dramatic change to have effects on the operation of the City Council; only 47 percent or 567 believes that the Council can still function effectively.

A combined 53% are ambivalent. Some believe that the Council will not be the same (29%) after he left; others are uncertain (18%) while others withheld their opinion (6%).