CTTMO to issue IDs for PUVs

The Davao City Traffic and Transport Management Office (CTTMO) will implement an ID system for all Public Utility Vehicles (PUV) starting on April 1.

CCTMO head Dionisio Abude said on Thursday’s I-Speak Media Forum, his office already distributed more than 19,000 IDs that will be used by the PUV drivers.

“On February 14, we already gave handbills, which is a notice that we will implement it and within March their IDs should be clean,” he said.

Abude said the objective of the ID is to let the passenger know the identity of PUV driver in case of complaints.

He said the CTTMO already conducted a year-long seminar for the drivers and it is already time to implement it.

“Kung ikaw pasahero,  pwede nimo siya picturan katong code unya mo gawas ang iyang identity gikan sa picture then ID number , then ID number sa CTTMO and mo gawas ang iyang complete name og ang date of issuance (The passenger now will be able to know the identity of driver because he or she can scan it using an application and the picture and complete name  of the driver, including the ID number and the date of issuance),”  he said.

Abude said ID has a QR code system where the passengers can lodge there complains since the system provided space for it as well as feedback mechanism to CTTMO to know if the complain was properly addressed by his office.

He the implementation of the ID system will make the work of his traffic enforcers easy because they will be able to know how many violations the driver committed.

Abude said the system installed by Davao City Information and Communication Technology Office is really effective as he narrated who the incident of a cab passenger left a bag and managed to recover it.

“Na-remember niya ang pangalan sa driver unya nahinumduman pud niya an profile, at that time niadto siya sa opisina, gi-search namo ang pangalan sa PUV driver unya ni appear ang iyang picture maong na-identify niya (The passenger remembered the name and the profile, then he went tour office and when we searched the name told, the picture of the PUV driver appeared and identified),” he said.

He said this is part of the implementation of City Ordinance 0334-12, Series of 2012 or the Comprehensive Transport and Traffic Code of Davao City.