Sara says new bus plan under design

The city’s planned bus system remains in its design stage but Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio said it is a high priority project the city government would vigorously pursue.

“The discussions are taking too long but I already said that this project will happen or else my reputation will be ruined,” she said on Tuesday at the Royal Mandaya Hotel. “That’s why I gave instructions that the project will be vigorously pursued.”

She said that the city does not have a problem with the Asian Development Bank except with some government agencies.

But she expressed confidence the problem will be smoothened out.

She said that the time table given by the project in-charge is beyond 2019.

“I told them if you cannot do it in 2019 at least show us what will happen beyond 2019 so they will show us one route,” she said

The lady mayor said that it will be shown late this year or early 2019.

“I wanted to implement it this year but they told me it’s really impossible to make it happened this year,” she said.

The High Priority Bus System was one of the DO30 projects that the lady mayor discussed during her first State of the City Address (SOCA) last year which aimed to help decongest the city traffic, provide a comfortable transportation for the public and to provide a safe livelihood for the drivers because with thier constant exposure to pollution their health put at risk.