Council working on forest land use plan

The Davao City council’s committee on environment and natural resources is now working to pass Forest Land Use Plan in the city.

Comittee chair councilor Diosdado Mahipus said his committee is now working with the land use plan to prohibit people from using the forest on their own interest.

“Kinahanglan nga mahimoan og land use plan aron dili magpasagad og gamit mga tao (We need to make a land use plan so that people will not recklesly use it),” he said.

Mahipus said he will include on its draft the limit of utilizing the forests as well as maintenance and protection of it.

He said the land ise plan will also include the Mangrove Forests in the coastal areas so that it will be also protected with the ordinance.

Mahipus said there will be classified into three, first is the protected are where this place will be only intended for trees, second will be for eco-tourism and third will be intended for the sattelite communities especially for the Indigenous People.

He said he is not working with Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for the mapping of forest areas in the city.

Although, there are already areas identified as forest areas in the city’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan of 2013, but the DENR is still needed on this legislation for their technical description.

Mahipus also added if the area will not be classified whether residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and for special land use,will be considered as forest area.

He said his committee will try to present it to the plenary two months from now.

Earlier, Interface Development Interventions (IDIS) executive director Chinkie Peliño-Golle has urged the Davao City government to create a Forest Land Use Plan to have an ecological balance in the city.

Golle said there is a need to have a sustainable living in the city that could be passed to the next generation.

She said if the city will have no forests, the watersheds are not healthy anymore and if it is not healthy there will be no enough supply of quality clean water.

Golle said the forest resources in the city are already degrading the city is now experiencing shortage of water supply.