DPWH seeks national status for Davao roads

The Department of Public Works and Highways  in Davao Region has pushed for the conversion of 162 kilometers of local roads in the city in order to keep up with the city’s development and its increasing population.

Councilor Jesus Joseph Zozobrado III, committee on public works, said on Tuesday there are advantages that comes with converting these local roads into national roads and one of them is the certainty of funding from the national government.

“The Department of Public Works and Highways has requested the conversion of existing roads identified as local roads, into national roads and we have scheduled a committee hearing to fast track this,” said Councilor Jesus Joseph Zozobrado III.

In a Memorandum addressed to DPWH Secretary Mark Villar, District Engineer Wilfredo Aguilar said some of the roads have to be upgraded in order to cope with development and the growing population in the city.

“Given the situation we would like to request for validation of the identified local roads for conversion into national roads,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar said it would be to the best interest of the public if the identified road sections are converted into national roads as this will then be included in the Regular Infrastructure Program of the national government.

In District 1 alone, up to 65.853 kilometers of local roads have been included in the list of proposed roads for conversion. In District 2, there are 97.02 kilometers of roads up for conversion.