2  listed dead due to rabbies

The City Health Office Health has stepped up their interventions to address the rabies cases in Davao City that already resulted to two confirmed deaths in 2018.

CHO head Dr. Julinda Acosta has launched convergence initiatives to encourage pet owners to have their dogs and cats vaccinated against rabies.

“Giving of anti-rabies vaccine to dogs is still the most effective strategy to eradicate rabies,” she said

On a previous report, the Health Regional Rabies Prevention and Control Program said  99.9% of those infected with rabies die.

According to Acosta, the City Veterinary Office is currently conducting free rabies vaccination for pet dogs as well as information and education activities among residents in the city.

She said that in the event when one is been bitten by an animal, the wound must be washed immediately with soap and that the victim must proceed to the nearest animal bite center for treatment.

In 2017, Davao City has recorded a total of two due to rabies. She said the record is relatively lower compared to the 3 deaths reported in 2016.

Acosta added that Animal Bite Clinic caters every Monday a total of 200-300 clients a day and for regular days every Tuesday to Friday a total of 80-100 clients.

Meanwhile, The City Health Office Health received 100 vials of intradermal rabies vaccine for the National Rabies Program that is pre-qualified by the World Health Organization from Department of Health.