FULLY UNSAFE DOE says of refilled butane canisters  

The Department of Energy has urged the public not to buy refilled butane tin canisters that are sold in public markets around the area.

“I would like to appeal to our consuming public not to patronize the usage of illegal or unsafe products such as gasoline sold in bottles and LPG in tin canisters. On the other hand, for the marketers of LPG tin canisters and gasoline in bottles to please stop in doing business in that particular product because it is very unsafe, it is illegal and you will suffer the consequences when you are caught by the law,” said Nilo J. Geroche,  chief of energy industry management division of DOE during the Kapihan sa PIA press conference on June 29, Friday.

Geroche said that the tin canisters are made from Galvanized iron (GI) sheets which can only store butane gas because of its low pressure, and it is not suitable for storing propane or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) because of its high pressure.

“The container used in storing LPG are LPG steel cylinder, and our tin canister are GI sheets and it is only intended for butane and should be used one time because it is disposable,” Geroche said.

“This (tin canisters) cannot be regulated because the container does not pass he standard of the DTI- BPS (Department of Trade and Industry – Bureau of Philippine Standards),” he added

The suppliers of these refilled tin canisters are not from Davao City but from Panabo and Tagum. He said that Even if the refilling stations were closed down the products are still being manufactured illegally.

He said that most of the people who use this are poor citizens of the city and students who reside in boarding houses. Geroche  said that these citizens patronizes the product because of its low price compared to LPG tanks.

Theodric Alingalan, senior science research specialist of DOE also urged the public not to use portable gas stoves within their homes because these are intended to be used outdoors.

Alingalan said that it is legal to sell portable gas stoves but the public tend to misuse the product and prefer refilled tin canisters instead of the regulated ones.

In line with this, DOE is strictly monitoring and confiscates the illegally sold tin canisters and gasoline in bottles through Executive Order No. 29 series of 2017, it states that it is “An order creating multi-agency task force to properly regulate and ensure safe practices of persons and entities handling or engaged in business involving flammable and dangerous chemical and other hazardous and toxic substances.”

In March 23 the operation was conducted at Piapi Boulevard Public Market and Bangkerohan Public Market which resulted to the confiscation of a total of 1760 canisters. On April 23, 2018 23 the operation was conducted at Bangkerohan Public Market and Agdao Public Market which resulted to the confiscation of a total1723 canisters. There was operation on the month of May due to the busy schedule of DOE and Business Permits And Licensing Office. On June 25, 2018 the operation was conducted at Panacan Public Market which resulted to the confiscation of a total of 3,419 canisters and in Upper Malagamot residence a total of 119 liters of gasoline in bottles were confiscated.

That is a total of 6,907 tin canisters confiscated and a total of 119 liters of gasoline in bottles.

This task force is composed of City Mayor As The Chairperson, City Administrator As The Co-Chairperson And The Members  Are Office Of City Legal, Business Permits And Licensing Office,  City Traffic And Transportation Management Office, City Information Office,  City Health Office, City Environment And Natural Resources, Public Safety And Security Command Center, Central 911/ Disaster Risk Reduction And Management Office, Bureau Of Fire Protection(Davao City), Philippine National Police (Davao City), Department Of Trade And Industry (Region 11), Department Of Energy, Land Transportation Office (Davao City), Liga Ng Barangay, Environemntal Management Bureau, Philippine Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association.