OFF LIMITS   Ban of liquor to minors urged to prevent rapes

Director Supt. Marcelo C. Morales of the Police Regional Office in Davao Region (PRO 11) is calling for an intensified campaign against selling of liquors to minors as a means to prevent rape of young women.

Morales came up with this measure after the Philippine National Police released records showing Davao City has the most rape cases in the country.

In a breakdown report by the PRO 11, it was found out that the leading cause of rape incidents in the region involves young women, with ages ranging from 15-21 years old, are victims during drinking sessions.

Morales said that perpetrators took advantage of the situation when the women involved are wasted which gives men an opportunity to exploit.

With this, he said that they are closing coordinating with different schools and universities in disseminating information regarding responsible drinking.

“We are closely coordinating with the different schools and universities in assisting us in our informative drive in reminding the youth to avoid drinking too much,” Morales said.

He added, “But if it cannot be avoided, drink moderately and avoiding inviting strangers especially men in their drinking session.”

The regional director said they will also solicit help from the barangay officials in intensifying its campaign in prohibiting minors from allowing minors to avail these intoxicating beverages.

“There is a need to intensify this campaign.” He added, “We need to monitor these stores that sell liquor to minors, so that administrative sanctions can be filed, which includes an outright issuance of closure orders to them.”

Under the Republic Act 938, the law governs the regulation of stores and other establishments from selling liquors within a radius of two hundred lineal meters away from schools and universities.

While selling liquors to minors is prohibited under Sections 3 and 4 of Presidential Decree (PD) 1619, which penalizes the use or possession or unauthorized sale to minors or volatile substances for the purpose of inducing intoxication or in any manner changing, distorting or disturbing the auditory, visual or mental process.