STEPPING IT UP  Duterte urged to strike decisive blow against corruption   

The Davao-based People’s RevGov for Real Democracy called on President Duterte to make good his platform by ‘striking a hammer blow’ against corruption as a major step towards reducing poverty.

“It is scientifically proven that corruption breeds poverty and unless it is addressed decisively, both will worsen,” said Architect Florencio “Chito” Gavino, consultant of the PRRD and the Kilos Federal sa Pagbagago.

Gavino said progressive countries have been able to cut down on corruption, thus enabling them to improve their economies.

He said that looking back, former President PNoy was correct in saying ‘kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap’ but failed to make a dent against corruption.

Gavino said Duterte himself recognized the enormity of the problem when he expressed belief that the issue of corruption could make or break his administration.

Gavino said it is not too late yet in the day for the Duterte administration by addressing the problem “by minimizing opportunities and by maximizing penalties for corruption.”

He said the short-term measure should be realized within the term of President Duterte while the long-term measure could stretch beyond.

He said both measures should be able to work on improving the system and in strengthening the character and values of Filipinos in their bid for change or transformation.

For the long-term, he said Malacanang should launch a truly comprehensive social transformation program that will work on improving the system and in reforming people.

“Since system affect’s people’s behavior and people’s behavior affects the system, we cannot have one at the expense of the other,” he said.

He said the shift to federalism  to upgrade the economic system and to take down corruption is in the right direction.

Gavino said that for people’s reform, the PRRD in Davao City is coming up with a pamphlet that would spell out the seven pillars for the new Filipino.

The four bottom pillars include moral recovery and spiritual renewal, patriotism revival, entrepreneurship mindset and behavior and physical and mental health.

The three upper pillars include love of God, love of country, and love of family.

“We must heed this call for renewal to recover our lost honor and glory,” he said. “To be a great nation should be every Filipino’s dream.”