NO LETTING UP  As 15,806 refilled butane seized tanks in city-wide drive seize

Authorities confiscated more than 2,000 refilled butane gas canisters on Monday last week at Bankerohan and Agdao public markets in a bid to curb their being sold city-wide.

Engr. Nilo J. Geroche, chief supervising research division of the Department of Energy  XI said during the Kapehan sa PIA on Friday that the selling of these canisters has been widespread in the market, as the consumers continued to patronize them.

He said these products are admittedly sold cheaper as compared to LPG tanks and even butane itself.

“But these are dangerous because they don’t have the pressure relief bulbs. When excessively used, it might explode and cause fire,” he said.

TheodricAlingalan, DOE 11 senior science research specialist said that a total of 15,806 canisters were confiscated  from the Panacan, Agdao, Bucana, Boulevard, Roxas and Bangkerohan public markets since the operation started in March this year.

Alingalan said these empty butane canisters are not intended to be refilled, most especially with LPG because these might explode if used excessively.

Geroche said that  DOE keep on reminding retail stores here to stop selling and refilling liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in empty butane canisters as these are highly flammable which might cause explosion and fire.

He stressed that those who will be repeatedly caught will face revocation of business permits.

“Any person or entity caught engaging in the said unsafe and illegal activities will be held administratively liable under DOE Circular No. 2014-01-001 and shall be penalized with a fine of P10,000 with recommendation for the revocation of business permit or business closure,” said Geroche.

The energy official meanwhile, urged the consumers not to buy and to report outlets selling LPG-filled butane canisters for their safety, as Geroche emphasized that the government could not fully stop the selling of these hazardous canisters. Only consumers, he stressed, can stop the selling if they refuse to buy.