SAFE SKYLINE   Sara seeks height limits for city buildings

Davao City Mayor Sara  Duterte-Carpio has urged the city council to pass an ordinance imposing building height limits in the city.

Duterte said this proposal is line with the goal of achieving a safe and sustainable city through sound urban development principles.

The city mayor did not say exactly the height limits she wanted, adding this will be ascertained in the crafting of the technical guidelines.

“I emphasize the urgency of this measure and I hope the Sanggunian will do everything necessary so that we will have the ordinance in place to cope up with the current infra-surge,” she said.

Once  the technical guidelines in coordination with Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (“CAAP”) will be finalized, she said she expects the ordinance to provide a skyline safe for air travel, allow utility agencies the needed density control, and provide search and rescue team a manageable area to cover in times of disaster.

Duterte said the city has seen an increase in construction projects from various private firms, such as residential, commercial and other miscellaneous construction as evidenced by the rise in buildings and other ancillary permit applications and revenues.

She said in 2016, the Office of the Building Official (“OBO”) posted a total collection of P44 million, a 52.22 percent collection efficiency rate of its P85 million annual collection target.

Then in 2017, the collection was at P 103 million, a 103-percent increase over its P100 million annual collection target.

“And for the year 2018, the OBO is on track to surpass its P125-million target since it has already collected 66.52 percent of the target just this mid-year,” she said.