Mobile app for tourists launched

The city government of Davao launched a mobile application that will inform tourists of the must go places and must eat restaurants all over the metro.

The mobile app Davao guide was launched in partnership with Smart communications during the celebration of the 80th Araw ng Davao.

According to Max Limpag, the creator of Davao Guide and the CEO of Inno Pub, the developer of the mobile app, that the mobile application aims to lessen the worries of tourists especially on their itineraries during visit in the city.

“The aim of Davao Guide is when you visit Davao, everything you need to know whether it’s foods, hotels, tourist spots, events or even emergency numbers are already in your phone, ” Limpag said.

He added that the app also contains a notification system that will allow the local government to inform tourists of the big events that will happen in the city during their stay.

“Essentially we’re tapping the mobile technology to deliver tourism, cultural and historical information to the visitors of Davao,” he added.

The Davao Guide, is the first mobile app that is accredited by the city government.

Meanwhile, Regina Rosa Tecson, the City Tourism Officer said that with the creation of Davao Guide, they can see more tourist arrivals since it will make their visit in the city more accessible.

Tecson said that that all accredited travel and tours agencies were listed on the mobile app as well as the accredited hotels and restaurants that cater the delicacies of the city.

“This is a very big help to the tourism industry of the city since it will be easier for us to reach out to the tourists by informing them of our local events and even the emergency numbers whenever they need it,” she added.

She also pointed out that it will be easier for them to monitor the arrival of tourists in the city since the data will be readily available once a tourist downloads the application.

“It will boost up the tourism sector since the data will be readily available, whenever they will look for hotels and tourist destination it will be in the mobile app since everything will be put there,” she said.

She also said that the app will replace the brochures and maps that the tourists will carry.