Sara creates halal council

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte on Monday created a council whose main function is to ensure the marketability of halal-certified Davao City products in the domestic markets and in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) countries.

Under Executive Order No. 12, Mayor Inday formed the Davao City Halal Industry Development Council, which she chairs; and co-chaired by the President of the Mindanao Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The council’s membership also includes officials of various city offices, the Davao City Office of Muslim Affairs for Halal Shariah Concerns; the Davao City Investment and Promotion Center for Investment Concerns; and Tourism Congress of the Philippines Halal Committee for Halal Tourism.

Mayor Inday also urged national government agencies (NGA) to work together and harmonize all efforts to enhance the growth of the halal industry and help the government in coming up with a unified system for production, certification and marketing so the Philippines can maximize its huge potential in Global Halal Market.

“Halal” means “allowed” in Islam and in the Asean region, halal certified products are perceived as quality and wholesome.

Traditionally, the term ‘halal’ pertains to food but it has since been applied to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and clothing as consumers become more aware and conscious of what they eat and wear.

In her order, Mayor Inday said innovations across this value chain could be a driver for new markets and greater profits as the global halal industry is valued at trillions of dollars. CIO