Sense or Sans – Gloria’s successor

by Edcer Escudero

THE number of presidential aspirants increases as 2010 gets near. There are now 12 people who want to live in Malacañang. They all think that they can run this country better than President Gloria.
On June 30, 2010, the country’s 15th President will be sworn in. It could possibly be:
MANG MANNY VILLAR – former poor boy from the slums of Tondo, but now the richest senator in the land; former Speaker and Senate President who promoted billiards pool tournaments and  capitalized on the misfortunes of OFWs to boost his presidential ambition; who has no clear and definite political philosophy.
KABAYAN NOLI DE CASTRO – a former television newsreader, senator and now Vice President; who is GMA’s housing czar; who doesn’t want to be vice president for life.
TOTO MAR ROXAS – boy friend of Korina Sanchez; grandson of Pres. Manuel Roxas, son of Sen. Gerry Roxas, who insist that there is nothing wrong with uttering bad words in public; who won a Senate seat as Mr. Palengke, but now wants to enter Malacañang as a pedicab driver; who topped the 2004 senatorial race with MGA’s backing, but is now a pesky MGA detractor.
INDAY LOREN LEGARDA – a single mom of two sons who built a name as a TV newsreader; who lost in the 2004 vice presidential race, but refused to concede; who one fought Erap Estrada, but is now his ally.
Or, one of the following self-styled political messiahs who swagger with an imaginary halo over their heads trumpeting their purity of intention and untested incorruptibility.
Pampanga Gov. Ed Panlilio, a misguided priest; Isabela Gov. GRACE PADACA, a former radio commentator; Pastor-Politician Eddie Villanueva who believes he is God’s fair-haired boy who will lead his people to the promised land; Junior Senator Jamby Madrigal whose political naivete makes her a square peg in a round hole.
These political Don Quixotes are but dreamers who have been titillated to run by supporters who are totally out of touch with political realities. Their hallucinatory pronouncements easily qualify them as nuisance candidates. They have no credible program of government. All they have are empty slogans, catch words and motherhood statements as objectives and goals.
After May 11, these dreamers would all be walking in the street of sorrows – the boulevard of broken dreams.
Villar and De Castro are the frontrunners in the 2010 race to Malacañang. Manny has the money; Noli has the mass appeal. Loren has no brains; Mar has no manners; Richard Gordon is a turn-off; Bayani Fernando is blind to reality; Gilbert Teodoro banks on the defense portfolio.
Who will succeed Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo? Ask the presidentiables. They will give you their names.