EDITORIAL: Fair and square

It is understandable if Senator Leila De Lima’s mates at the Liberal Party are rallying behind her.

It’s one thing to protect one’s peers and another to protect a common interest. In this case, De Lima is, at the moment, the pillar of the opposition and if she goes behind bars, the Liberals will be weakened further.

With her looming arrest on drug trafficking cases, De Lima will have to face the charges head on. Her worry is that she might be killed while in detention.

She wants to be placed in a “safe and secure” detention center if she is arrested. She fears that she may become a victim of extra-judicial killings.

De Lima must have turned paranoid believing that her EJK bomb might explode on her.
In the wider perspective, De Lima’s battle going to the regular courts is for the best interest of both the accused and the people as plaintiff. De Lima will have her day in court and the prosecution can exhaust all legal action based on evidence.

De Lima’s fears are mere reflection of a corrupted mind, a mind so paranoid it has lost reason. She has all the artillery to defend herself in court and that is her fairest fight.