SPECKS OF LIFE: Lascanas second testimony too good to be true

Retired SPO3 Antonio Lascanas is a “repentant sinner.”

This much he admitted and because of his “spiritual renewal,” he has come again to the senate to rectify his lies.

Under oath, he had casually confessed to have killed 300 people during his stint as a police officer in Davao City.

Wow, aren’t you shocked?

By police – and our moral – standards, is he not a mass murderer of the ruthless kind, a label and description written of him by the media that covered his senate testimony?

Without batting an eyelash, he proceeded to implicate President Rodrigo Duterte – then as Davao City Mayor – as the mastermind and the man behind the Davao Death Squad (DDS), a group that allegedly committed extra judicial killings of notorious criminals and unwanted elements of society in Davao.

Lascanas’ second appearance in the senate before the committee chaired by Sen. Ping Lacson was reportedly made to correct the lies he made under oath during his first testimony heard by the justice panel then headed by Sen. Richard Gordon.

Any layman who heard Lascanas’ sordid story-telling of the people he killed and how he did them and who instructed him would easily conclude that the man is crazy and was merely producing tales of cinematic proportions.

Sen. Alan Cayetano noted distinctly the inconsistencies in Lascanas’ signed affidavit. Lascanas committed errors like his yarn about Jun Bersabals’ killing and his 1988 recollection of the DDS formation when he was only re-instated in 1989. “Are you not being coached by someone?” asked Cayetano.

Sen. Manny Pacquiao even teased the police officer.

“Magpalit tayo ng puwesto. Ikaw kunyari ang nagi-imbestiga at ako ang nasa lugar mo. Kung marinig mo na ganyan binabawi ko ang sinasabi ko, ano ang iisipin mo sa akin”? Something to this effect.

Lascanas directly stated: “Magdududa ako.”

There. Huli sa bibig ang isda.

Exactly the whole point why Gordon did not anymore want to hold a second hearing. Waste of time and taxpayers’ money. Lascanas was a perjured witness. If he had lied before, would not the same liar lie anew? He made a laughing stock of the senate, a respectable institution of elected national leaders, Gordon hollered.

Lascanas’ admission that his conscience bothered him and that a “spiritual renewing” prompted him to recant his first testimony would not even sell because simply by observing the people responsible for bringing him back to the Senate already cast doubt on the truth he wanted to sell.

Everybody knows that politics has something to do with Lascanas’ turnaround. There are even insinuations that there are more than “one or more million” reasons for his sudden change of mind.

Which is not unlikely, as any suspicious mind would inject into the matter.

Whatever, as the hearing progressed, Lacson interjected that if he produced a person mentioned by Lascanas as someone he had killed but who escaped and is alive, would that change the color of his testimony?

Lascanas got stymied.

As a former bemedaled PNP officer and then erstwhile PNP chief, Lacson, like a chess grandmaster, trapped Lascanas to unwittingly enter into  a “mating” threat. Ping was five steps ahead.

I have previously stated here in this corner that the ouster threat against Duterte is real. Very real.

The political opposition – the yellows – are moving heaven and earth to undermine Duterte’s style of governance by using the friendly mainstream media to their advantage.

That is why Mindanaoans who supported Duterte and helped him get elected to the presidency must stay vigilant.

To ensure their goals are achieved, the political opposition will use and exploit any means available to get back to power. Regardless, therefore of the consequences, they are polarizing and dividing the Filipino nation with their chicanery, deceit and fraudulent twisting of the truth. (Email your feedback to fredlumba@yahoo.com.) GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!