EDITORIAL: Winners and bitter losers

Another presidency, another impeachment complaint.

Long before he declared his candidacy, President Duterte (then Mayor of Davao City), had said he does not want to become President because he is sure he will face impeachment with his leadership style.

Less than a year into his presidency, his prediction became a reality. An opposition lawmaker filed an impeachment complaint in the House of Representatives on Thursday against President Duterte, calling for his removal for what he alleged were high crimes, betrayal of public trust and abuses of power.

Rep. Gary Alejano accused Duterte of offenses he said were worthy of impeachment, from concealing assets and conflicts of interest, to drug-related extrajudicial killings and running an alleged “death squad” when he was mayor of Davao city.

This did not come as a surprise though.

When he surprisingly won the elections last year beating the powerhouse Liberal Party, President Duterte was in for a bumpy ride with the Liberals.

President Duterte was carried through victory by the masses—a silent force in the face of a very well-funded election train of the Liberal Party.

Even Alejano knows it is not going to be an easy one for his complaint to progress in the House.

This country is besieged with a very divisive political environment. If not cour d’etat, impeachment is a regular fare for administrations to face. It is the price of leadership. No one wants to lose and just lose sitting down.

We have seen it happen in the past. It happened before. It is happening now. This vicious cycle will not end because politics in this democracy is characterized by bitter losers and crab mentality.

No one wants a government to succeed. There will always be one who will win, one who will lose and who wants to topple down the winner.

What pitiful mentality do we have as a nation? People never give chances for government to flourish and push with its reforms.

Whatever happens to this new impeachment complaint, it will definitely not be the last. There will be no stopping this culture of desperation.

Woe to this brand of politics. It’s a game we just can’t win.