SPECKS OF LIFE: Is Trillanes a CIA boy?

There is no mistaking that the latest escapade of Sen. Trillanes re “faulty” BBC interview was designed to create a news furor internationally.

He might have made himself into a laughing stock as his bumbling statements showed but his guesting in the British talk show HardTalk – good or bad – somehow attracted global attention to the on-going political situation in the country.

At a time when Filipinos needed to link arm in arm against the barbaric onslaught of the ISIS-inspired, Isnilon Hapilon-led Marawi uprising, here comes Trillanes’ unmistakably treasonous act, given the fact that as a senator of the republic, he swore to uphold and protect its constitution.

If the highest officials of the land are impeachable, is there a mechanism to remove elected senators for gross violations committed against the Filipino people?

Is the Comelec-approved recall procedure applicable if the electorate called for a people’s initiative?

Very clearly, Sen. Trillanes is following a script.

It is a script made not for the movies but a template that has been tested and tried for removing duly-elected authority. It begun with EDSA 2 and the poor Erap Estrada did not even know what hit him.

Don’t you smell something?

His arrogant, asinine actions and insolent braggadocio lead us to suspect that something or somebody very powerful and influential is behind Trillanes.

Surely, he could not have acted on his own.

Unlike well-rooted politicians of note, Trillanes is still wet behind the ears. May gatas pa sa labi. Despite not having a solid following from among the masses, he stubbornly continues to flail away at PRRD, whose ouster from Malacanang he has sought since Day One of the Duterte administration, within the constitutionally-allowed processes or even outside of it.

His LP allies, obviously agitated by ominous threats of jail terms and convictions for corrupt practices, have stepped up their attacks, questioning the declaration of martial law in Mindanao instead of condemning the deathly abominable killings spawned and authored by the rebellious ASG-Maute Group.

Trillanes’ actions are at the least despicable.

As a former soldier, he capitalized on his military upbringing and background to bring about his present elected position which he owes to us. His one-day coup attempts against the government of the unpopular GMA earned the sympathy of the Filipino people.

Today, Trillanes’ tirades against the current government borders on insecurity and political preservation. By 2019, he will be a private citizen or if he so desires, may run for a congressional seat or party-list in Magdalo. Whether we like it or not, his political suasion may then diminish in which case he might become a lesser entity.

The anti-Duterte mainstream media is obviously cuddling the wild-swinging senator.  His press conferences are well-attended and given more than adequate space in the both the print and broadcast media.

That is, if the incumbent regime does not charge him for offenses committed against the government and the Filipino people.

If you add two and two together, one will come up with a reasonable clue that the powerful, world-wide Virginia-based agency may just be where the senator is depending on for logistical support and more.

If we look back to the Estrada years, we might just be able to trace who, what, where, when and how EDSA 2 started and eventually succeeded.

I pray the intelligence community is wary about this evolution of an idea.

Doesn’t PRRD’s word war with the then outgoing US Ambassador Philip Goldberg come to mind? The grapevine was rife with speculations that the former envoy hated the former Davao City Mayor’s guts and that a blueprint for PRRD’s ouster has been put out for implementation.

Real or imaginary, it feeds the creative mind. (Email your feedback to fredlumba@yahoo.com.) GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!