EDITORIAL: Weak links

While Dabawenyos gave their kababayan President Duterte a high 89.38 percent approval rating after his first year in office, there are areas where he needed to do a lot of work. Its not a perfect world afterall.

These are the areas of solving Metro Manila traffic and internet access. He got a low grade of 76.15 on the traffic side and a failing 72.15 on internet access.

The survey was conducted by the University of Mindanao’s Institute of Popular Opinion (UM-IPO) administered on 1,200 respondents from May 17-26. President Duterte’s first year in office was assessed by Dabawenyos based on 18 programs that as a candidate he promised to implement if he won.

The highs he received are his program on federalism with 96.21 percent followed by the war on drugs and his promise to “kill big time drug lords and suppress drug trade” which was second highest at 90.11 percent, anti- corruption (88.14 percent), and anti-labor contractualization (88.10 percent), health facilities (87.74 percent); improvement of wages and equipment of the police and military (87.57 percent); family planning to prevent overpopulation (87.31 percent); and responsible mining and environment protection (86.88 percent).

Despite the high scores, the two parameters where he fared low are irritants that have been existent for a while and is getting worse rather than improving. This should be a reminder to the administration to focus on these particular areas were the current leadership is not strong.

These are nagging issues which, despite the appointment of people with outstanding credentials remain a big problem. If these people are not the solution, it’s time for them to be shipped out or voluntarily step aside.

As the President himself has promised, there will be no sacred cows in his cabinet. Time to get rid of the weak links.