The legal team of embattled Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno believes that the magistrate’s fate will not be a numbers game.

Unfazed by the 25-2 voting from the House of Representatives Justice Committee on the impeachment commplaint against Sereno, the Chief Justice’s camp boldly said “numbers cannot overwhelm truth and justice in efforts to oust their client in the House of Representatives dominated by allies of President Duterte. The congressional committee found sufficient grounds to impeach Sereno by that overwhelming margin. That vote by the House committee on justice cleared the way for the next step to her impeachment—the determination of probable cause.

The next step is mustering one-third of the 293 members of the House which would send the impeachment complaint to the Senate for trial.

But while the Sereno legal team submits that Congress is a numbers game, they insist that truth and justice is not a numbers game.

However. while it is true that the ends of truth and justice will be the ultimate goal of the impeachment process, numbers will still be the determinant. History will tell us that numbers also decided the fate of her predecessor, the late Renato Corona.

In this jurisdiction, numbers always matter whether in politics or in justice. The Supreme Court, for one, is a body of numbers. Voting whether en banc or by division is determmined by plurality. Numbers do matter. That is why it cannot be denied that voting in the highest court almost always go by the the affiliation of justices as identified by their appointments.

That’s how it goes–a fact we need to accept and live with. Yes, whether we like it or not, numbers determine truth and justice.