SPECKS OF LIFE: CBCP – neo-Pharisee

hen the CBCP hierarchy recently called for a mass rally, the expected sea of people that usually answer the call did not come. The Catholic faithful seemed to have grown tired and weary of such practices disguised as “mass rally.”

At any rate, it cited 2Chronicles 7:14 in the Bible which invoke “healing in the land” in the light of what the priests narrow-mindedly describes as “moral degeneration.”

Unfortunately, as the guardian of the flock’s morals, the CBCP overlooked that it is itself bound by the standards of God that His Son Jesus Christ set during his evangelization ministry called as the New Covenant. CBCP probably thought its members were exempted.

Archbishop Socrates Villegas, the cantankerous CBCP president, and his minions conveniently ignore that so many Catholic priests (like the Taguig holy man who was caught having sexual involvement with a girl in her teens) are committing perversions here and there that are only swept under the rug.

This monumental hypocrisy cosmetically masks the holiness the CBCP displays in public and is reflective of the sinful, holier-than-thou era of the Pharisees during Christ’s time.

Villegas has also conveniently forgotten that several, if not many, CBCP bishops are enjoying luxurious lifestyles that have completely reversed their priestly oaths to live simple and frugal lives.

May I remind him about some bishops who were exposed asking former Pres. GMA to gift them with SUVs (Pajero, et al). What has the CBCP done to cleanse its ranks of corrupt practices?

Nothing. Were they asked to resign? Why?

Because they were deathly scared the issue may spread like wildfire and the CBCP might collapse.

And yet here comes Villegas and his ilk asking the “foul-mouthed” Duterte to resign the presidency because he is a “bad example” to the young people?

Is the CBCP and its membership displaying “good examples’ to the youth?

The CBCP has not only completely violated their sacred oaths but allowed itself to become instruments of political perversion and greed by uniting with “fallen angels” of the Liberal Party who are slowly but surely being exposed for robbing the country’s treasury?

If Villegas and the CBCP are messengers of God (as they want to be called), why are they only targeting and finding fault with the “sins” and “omissions” of the Duterte government?

Why did not the CBCP open its blabbering mouth when the previous PNoy administration was even more guilty of many corrupt practices such as the PDAF and DAP which were declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court?

BS Aquino III never fired any of his men exposed for wrong-doing. He even instituted corruption by bribing senators to convict and impeach ex-SC Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Did the CBCP say anything against this?

Duterte early on kicked out several of his appointees upon hearing that they were even slightly involved in monkey business.

This is how serious PRRD is about curbing corruption in government.

The CBCP is an organization that only views life through a one-way mirror.

It does not see itself capable of committing any wrong nor any mistake.

Villegas and his CBCP cohorts see them themselves immaculately clean and as infallible like God.

Like God?

My oh my. I always thought the CBCP is an organization of intelligent, God-fearing, principled men of the cloth. Was I wrong?

Does the CBCP still has its credibility and integrity intact? Or has it been infiltrated by indecent men masquerading in white robes?

Why is it now leading mass mobilization – in cahoots with the political opposition – if its objective is not to topple the Duterte government?

Is Villegas not aping what his mentor – Jaime Cardinal Sin – did during the Marcos dictatorship? Perhaps, it is not farfetched to think that Villegas aspires to be a cardinal someday.

Nothing bad about that. He or any Filipino cardinal, for that matter, can even, remotely dream of becoming a pope in the future.

What is bad is that Archbishop Villegas and the CBCP have already prejudged Rodrigo Roa Duterte. (Email your feedback to fredlumba@yahoo.com.) Rom. 4:3. “What does the Scripture say? “Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness.” GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!