EDITORIAL: Road repairs safety

There is a need to take a close look on road repairs safety in government projects.

While we welcome the implementation of road works which in the long run provide comfort to the public, there is also the concern over the substandard safety mechanisms contractors provide on these projects.

The Department of Public Works (DPWH) maintains a certain standard on the requirements on road works safety, traffic management, and construction safety and health during project construction and maintenance works. Contractors are required to maintain good housekeeping in their construction sites.

DPWH implementing offices are tasked to monitor compliance to the various road works safety requirements such as the provision of warning signs and barricades, stockpiling of materials in proper places, removal from the project site of waste and excess materials including broken pavements and excavated debris. To avoid accident in road projects, construction safety signages which are also visible at night and barricades shall be provided as a precaution and to advise the workers and the general public of the hazards existing in the worksite.

However, this does not seem the situation on the ground as several government road projects and road repair works show sloppy safety signages and barricades. Signages and barricades are barely visible at night.

There are some contractors, nevertheless, who have upgraded to using LED lights for signages. Save for these few contractors whose commitment to safety must be replicated, most have low regarded to this important aspect of road construction.

The DPWH field offices should make periodic checks on the road works in their respective areas and make sure that the proper standards are met.

Let us not wait for more accidents to happen instead.