Opinion: How to RevGov in a democratic way

“Article II, Declaration of Principles and State Policies, Principles Section I States: The Philippines is a republican state. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them” (The Philippine Constitution, 1987).

Our premise is that, what’s Constitutional in word or spirit based on the above quotation, is legal and legitimate.

There’s a saying that while the “law is harsh, it is still the law. In the same vein, while Cory’s 1987 Constitution is flawed, unresponsive and oppressive it is still our Constitution. Thus, if we want to really liberate our people and save our nation, then we must revise our present Constitution in the soonest possible time!

Currently, we are relying on Congress sitting as a Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass) to do this job. But facts show that in our Senate, the needed three fourth votes to pass the final draft of a Federal-Parliamentary Constitution for approval of our people CANNOT BE ATTAINED. Thus a No CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM and a NO FEDERAL SYSTEM SCENARIO looms in the horizon.

The “MOTHER” of all the “PAG-BABAGO” election promises of our beloved President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is definitely threatened. And this makes many concerned Filipinos extremely anxious and fearful. They very well know the terrible consequences, one of which is secession of Mindanao, if NO CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM and NO FEDERAL SYSTEM during the term of President Duterte can be attained. This is our present dilemma. Hindi na pwede yong business as usual dito.

Then FEDERALISM THROUGH A REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT (REVGOV) in a democratic way, as the only option to address our people’s predicament comes into the picture.

When this author was first confronted with this very logical proposition, I thought that if former President Corazon C. Aquino, through People Power, declared a Revolutionary Government to free us from a Filipino dictator and gave us Partial Democracy, and the Filipinos accepted that, why cannot President Rodrigo R. Duterte, through People Mandate, likewise declare a revolutionary Government to free us from Filipino imperialists and give Full Democracy? Why not indeed! If it is truly the Filipino people’s will, then surely they will support it.

In a democratic country like the Philippines, “the voice of the people is the voice of God.” In Latin, this is Vox populi, Vox Dei”. That’s why democracy is defined as a “government of the people, by the people and for the people.” Clearly the essence of democracy is that the people ang AMO and their mandate is supreme.

What exactly is a people’s Mandate and how is it expressed? Lend me your eyes:

Mandate means AUTHORITATIVE COMMAND. This may be expressed in different ways such as 1. Through elections or referenda or plebiscites; 2. By loud cry in peaceful public mass demonstrations of the people such as in EDSA 1 and 2; and 3 in people initiated nationwide assemblies coupled with signature campaign. These are Direct Democracies, when people themselves act on a major national issue. Per the Global Pew Research Center , “Filipinos favor direct democracy.”

Hence, since many of our people now want to fast-track the attainment of the many changes promised by President Duterte.  Especially Constitutional Reform to establish Federal-Parliament government thru REVGOV, we must do this in a DEMOCRATIC WAY.

It’s time now to be more specific on how to REVGOV in a democratic way. Many Filipinos are very eager to know how this could be done. The step by step procedure is explained below.

STEP1: Fully understand that our main purpose in this challenging endeavor is for Constitutional Reform to adopt a Federal-Parliamentary Constitution to liberate our people from the clutches of Filipino Imperialists and save our nation from being broken up by Mindanao seccession.

Furthermore, with a Federal-Parliamentary Constitution we can achieve social justice, lasting peace, sustainable development and “Full Democracy” in the Philippines.

Step 2: Follow, Chinese ancient warrior and philosopher Sun Tzu’s important advice: “Know your enemies, a thousand battles, a thousand victories”. The Filipino people’s enemies for a very long time are the Filipinos imperialists. These are citizens of the Philippines having extra-ordinary  political and economic control of our people and places mostly based in Metro Manila. Many of them are oligarchs, extravagant elite, unscrupulous and greedy big business persons, traditional politicians of the worst kind and of course their cohorts, like the Yellow Army.

Step 3: Study carefully this “Pamphlet” with a title of “LIBERATE OUR PEOPLE SAVE OUR NATION via Federalism thru RevGov in a democratic way, 2018.” Organize your group’s Speakers Bureau. Kilos Pederal sa Pagbabago (KPP) can help in training them. Please master the lesson in this “PAMPHLET” so that there will be more substance in your speeches, story-telling, lectures etc. during your campaign.

STEP 4. Continue massive information campaigns especially to common Filipinos in Visayas and Luzon on what is a Federal System and its benefits using KPP’s Manual on “How to Federalize the Philippines” and its Pilipino “Praymer sa Sistemang Pederal” for instant understanding of the basics of a Federal
System. Print more relevant handout materials for massive distribution to our people. Per info, only about 40% of Filipinos are aware of the basics of federalism as of 2017.

In the KPP’s Proposed Roadmap to Federalism in the Philippines which the KPP submitted to Malacañang in 2016, number three of our proposal states: “For President Duterte to instruct DILG to undertake massive information drive down to all Barangays on Federal System and Parliamentary Form of Government.” We learned that a DILG top official has been designated to oversee the Federalism
drive nationwide. Let’s double our efforts on this Sir. Other government agencies
should join this info drive for obvious reasons.

STEP 5. Continue all our nationwide rallies on Federalism thru RevGov in a democratic way and keep the “fire burning”, so to speak, until the appropriate time to RevGov comes. Caravans, fun-rans, concerts, parties and the likes will definitely help our laudable cause.

STEP 6. Extensively use the Media particularly the Social Media to explain to Filipinos why we badly need a Revolutionary Government (RevGov) in a democratic way to ensure Constitutional Reform and establish a Federal-Parliamentary Government during the term of President Duterte, and for the
achievement of his other promised “Pagbabago”. Preferably use this “PAMPHLET,” 2018 to be more convincing in your public speeches and media  interviews.

STEP 7. On May 2018, start the final drive to RevGov. Launch the organization of different barangay assemblies nationwide. See to it that each barangay assembly officially pass a Resolution signed by the officials of said barangay and by those who attended their assembly. The more participants, the better. The Barangay Assembly’s Resolution must clearly give a clear Mandate to President Duterte to declare soonest a Revolutionary Government (RevGov) mainly for Constitutional Reform to establish a Federal-Parliamentary Government, among other needed revisions. Secondarily, for the RevGov to pursue the other desired changes in our society for Genuine Social Transformation. All these Barangay Assemblies’ signed resolutions must be officially submitted to the Office of Barangay Affairs of the Department of
Interior and Local Government Units not later than November, 2018.

Those different advocates of Federalism thru RevGov should assist in these barangay activities to ensure success.

The Officer in Charge of the Office of Barangay Affairs must organize and classify these signed Resolutions in question by Municipalities or Cities, Congressional Districts, Provinces and Regions for easy auditing and officially transmit these to the DILG Secretary not later than December 15, 2018.

The Secretary of DILG shall then carefully examine and study those Barangay Assemblies’ Signed Resolutions, prepare his brief report together with his informed recommendation and officially transmit all these valuable documents to the President for his appropriate action. This must be done not later than January 2019.


Step 8. Since we are presently confirmed with a crucial issue of national interest which is a possible Presidential declaration of a REVGOV with clear mandate from the Filipino People, the Final decision on this, understandably, rests on the lap of the President Duterte. Our task now is to patiently wait. Continue praying and hoping that President Duterte with his tapang and malasakit, will see the light and the heed this authoritative command of our people not only as an antidote to Mindanao secession but more so for social justice, sustainable prosperity, lasting peace, solidarity and Full Democracy in the Philippines. Undoubtedly, this is a very difficult decision to make. BIG RISKS, BIG GAINS.

However, we are confident that God will guide him well for our nation’s and people’s sake. This is the BEST LEGACY we can leave to our children and grandchildren. Then someday in the future, when they are truly liberated and living in a much better Philippines, they will proudly and gratefully says: “look what our concerned forefathers did for us!”

God knows our noble intention and sacrificing efforts in this daring venture. With His Grace, we, the Filipinos, will surely prevail in the end.