EDITORIAL: More than statistics

In saying that Davao City is the most dangerous place in the country, Senator Trillanes relied on pure statistics.

Truth be told, the opposition lawmaker has never lived in the city or perhaps stayed here for a week. But his statement swept away everything like he personally knew the dangers of living in Davao City. Or like he was victimized here by thugs. The way he pronounced the city as tops in murder and second in rape, it sounded like Sen. Trillanes cursed Davao City to the tune of wanting to eradicate the place from the face of the earth out of his hatred for the Dutertes. It is so uncharacteristic of a lawmaker to dismiss a city as dangerous instead of perhaps crafting laws or refining some in order to improve the peace and order of cities where lives of residents and guests are endangered.

Instead of being solution-oriented on problems like crime, Trillanes hated the city out of his pure disgust that his many attempts at dislodging President Rodrigo Duterte from his post had gone futile each time.

Trillanes appears like he has lost his sense of purpose. With such a state of mind, it behooves upon a public official like him to leave his job.