EDITORIAL: Boracay’s fate

BORACAY is not the first island paradise to be threatened with destruction due to  unregulated influx of tourists. There are hundreds if not thousands of other tourist havens in the world which have been destroyed by pollution caused by tons of wastes left by the  tourists and over-building of business establishments that cater to them.

Some of these beautiful places now almost totally ruined are located in Thailand where the authorities have ordered the closure of many tourist spots due to pollution and over-development. Among the places closed were the Phi Phi Islands visited by more than one million tourists a year. One report states that “coral reefs have been destroyed by boat anchors and scuba divers, and the marine  environment has been damaged by pollution from motorboats and the dumping of untreated wastes into the sea.

Bali, Indonesia is “under threat of increased deforestation, as the area makes way for the tourism industry..”

Among the lost paradise are the Caribbean Islands, the Cozumel Island in Mexico and even Mt. Everest.

Tourism is a double-bladed sword. It can bring millions of dollars in tourist receipts but it also cause untold damage to the environment and leave permanent destruction.

It is hoped that valuable  lessons are learned from the case of Boracay. By the capitalists, the local government unit (LGU) leaders and the people.