MY TWO CENTS’: Why the Ease of Doing Business Act and National ID System Matter to Many of Us

My Two Cents by John Tria

With the passage of the Ease of Doing Business Act last week, and the impending passage of the national ID System. Many in our own neighborhoods in Mindanao look forward to easier transactions with government.

Lesser lines and shorter transaction times matter to us, who often have to go to head offices in regional capitals or Manila, at our own expense, just to expedite such transactions.

I remember many friends who needed to go to Manila just to expedite the availment of their retirement benefits. I also recall others who troop to head offices in Manila to move their applications for important clearances and permits.

Likewise, the prospect of more online systems enables the far flung to avail of the services apply for these voa internet portals, and for these to be documented online so that quality of the service is monitored.

Along with the 8888 system in place, people now have a better chance of getting transactions done quickly.

Even at this time a number of agencies such as the DENR already have online permit and report submission. Kudos to them. Can others follow suit?

We know that more human intervention in the transaction, sometimes makes the process more tedious, and costly for us who comply. It becomes a disincentive to compliance, and thereby, a deterrent.

These make transacting with government easier, and makes all of us more competitive.

As far as the National ID system goes, the truth is that many among us, especially those living in the hinterlands not have government IDs such as SSS memberships and drivers licenses that are often required even for private transactions such as opening bank accounts.

Our ASEAN neighbors have similar national ID systems that enable easier transactions. It is time we should have the same.

The warning, however, being raised is that in case the national ID system becomes law, government must put an efficient ID printing and data storage system that makes it easier for people to obtain the cards when they need them.

Applying for and getting the ID should not be another tedious process for the people.

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